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Family Descendant Records
Bollin, Jacob Darlene Pellor
Bolt,David Shawnee Ramey
Brodie, Solomon Shawnee Ramey
Carr, William Peyton Jim Carr
Clark, Alexander Shawnee Ramey
Crewshaw, Daniel Shawnee Ramey
Davis, William Jan Knapp
Earl, John E. Shawnee Ramey
Emmett (Emmert), William S. Shawnee Ramey
Ewing, Jonathan Louise McWhirt
Funk, Isaac Shawnee Ramey
Griffitts, Thomas Box Laura Cambell
Haggard, Samuel Shawnee Ramey
Hamilton, James A. Shawnee Ramey
Hardy, Baptist Shawnee Ramey
Hedrick, Henry Shawnee Ramey
Howard, William Judy Burns
Jones, James Shawnee Ramey
Klippert, Henry Janis Beth Wilkens
McCumber, William Louise McWhirt
Perry, Henry Shawnee Ramey
Perry, Ellinor Shawnee Ramey
Pike, William, Sr. Jackie Marshall
Porter, James & Mary Don Sherron
Priessman, George Judy Burns
Richardson, Thomas Amber Richardson
Smith, George Shawnee Ramey
Stowe, Solomon Shawnee Ramey
Sullivan, John Elmer Louise McWhirt
Thompson, Casswell Judy Burns
Thompson, William Shawnee Ramey
Walter, John ----

Family Links & Websites

Griffitts Family Website Laura Campbell
Wilson - Huff Genealogy June Wilson
Lowary Home Page James L. Lowary
Deep Roots in Hancock County, Illinois Marcia Farina
Horton / Downey Family Anita Palmer
Horney Family Homepage James W. Harney
Jackson, Little & Quint Families 1838-1900 Ray Parsons
Visit Our Family Tree David W. Reed
The Brady Family
website includes 1118 descendant of Nauvoo - Sonora Township residents, Terence and Bridget Brady.
extracts from Nauvoo newspapers and other items.
Blaine A. Brady

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